«I believe that mycelium is the neurological network of nature»

Paul Stamets


We about

Myco Myco is born, on one hand, with the intention of providing an original product, with top quality materials, prioritizing design and comfort and, on the other hand, to foster environmental consciousness actively and promote sustainable fashion.

With a vintage base design inspired in the 80s, we want to reflect, in a sustainable way, the brands around us with who we grew and that were part of our childhood. Represent with retro style, that is characteristic of our eco-trainers, and always live up to anything the new challenges propose: take part in consciousness and act.

The change starts with a first step. Having sustainable, vegan, recycled materials to hand, that avoid a negative impact on the planet, we have no path but to be respectful with the environment. Helping like this to promote sustainable fashion not as a trend, but as the only possible lifestyle if we want to spark a deep transformation on the planet.


The name comes from “mycology”, refering to the study of fungus in all their names, shapes and origins. The importance of fungus in nature is crucial, as we discovered when we found out about mycelium.

Mycelium communicates fungus, plants, bacteria and animals. These exchange nutrition, messages and empathy between species even between species kingdoms. Most fungus form cell networks known as hyphae: fine tubular structures that branch out, merge and entangle in the anarchical threadmark of mycelium.

Something incredible that happens under our feet: an underground “internet”, a broad natural network; the friendly hand that unifies the forest and makes it a community, an interactive organism that has the power to influence surface events.